Daily detox for radiant health

Why daily detox for radiant health? Everywhere we turn there are man made toxins, from the air we breathe, the water we drinkk to the food we eat, not to mention the information we allow ourselves to view on a daily basis. The air we breath depending where we live can be laced with petrol fumes, and tap water if your still drinking it contains chlorine and fluoride just to mention a few heavy metals. The food we eat has been sprayed with carcinogenic chemicals which can still be found in organic produce. All of the packeted food is highly processed and filled with chemicals hard to translate. If you eat meat it can be pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and fed the worst diet.

This is why we need to detox daily and I am so excited to share some amazing protocols with you.Learn how to integrate cleansing practices into your daily life. Using Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicines, infusing them into your daily life. 


Using traditional modalities in a modern day world

Learn how to integrate cleansing practices into your daily life. Using Pacha Karma from Ayurvedic traditions to detox the whole system daily.

Oil pulling, enemas, tongue scraping, nets pot, sauna to name a few!

WEEK 1. Commencing the 3 week course with an age old Kitchari to balance your doshas(body types) whilst fulfilling all of your daily requirements.

WEEK 2. Juice/soup fast- a modern day favourite to detox the system so great to do leading up to summer.

WEEK 3 we will work towards a water fast focusing on preparing the body before and after the 24hour water fast in a safe and mindful way.

Supported practices for mind body and spirit

Each week you will receive a yoga/chi-gung/movement practice to support the detox and cleansing the body will be processing. A guided meditation each week will help the changing nervous system.

When stimulants are taken out of the diet the body will naturally have withdrawals and my hope is to support you in this process so you can carry on to completion,