Belly Dancing


Eve is available to perform for your special event, speacialising in bellydance, samba and Indigenous dance.

Eve performs weekly at

Eve is available upon request for dance classes.

This is a great place for new dancers and those wanting to brush up on their technique. This class gives you the understanding of basic belly dance technique, posturing, language, move execution and it helps you to build necessary strength.

Learn muscle control and fluidity while toning the core, encouraging good posture, improving flexibility, and gaining body confidence. 


In this class, you will learn the basic movements and isolations as well as the posture and styling of belly dance. Have fun and discover muscles you never knew you had!  No previous dance experience necessary.

Always beginning with a yoga flow warm-up and ending with a cool down flow. keeping the body healthy and happy each week.

We will be learning a new technique each week whilst polishing the ones we have learnt. Gradually build g up our repertoire until we are ready to put choreography together.