Celebrating Being Alive

Learning to swim in alignment with the water going with the flow in and out of the water embracing the flow.

Watching my mermaids progression is inspiring to watch.  Most of all MermaidFit is for everyone in this picture alone the mermaid's ages range from 5-70 years of age so inclusive.


Wellness begins in the mind. It is a choice with every word we speak and action we take has a ripple effect on our overall wellness.

I believe that every day we need to detox as there are so many toxins in our external environment.

It is not just what is placed in our body but on our body that can be detrimental to our health.

I look at things holistically the effect that our actions have on our environment is something I’m very passionate about. I like to look at how my Aboriginal ancestors lived using everything and not accumulating any toxic waste. Aboriginal culture was the only culture than didn’t take any mind-altering substances like alcohol.

As a mother of 3, I am passionate about passing on this ancient wisdom.

I love Ere Perez products as a performer I am called to wear makeup and I especially love her lipsticks as they feel so smooth and I know that I am not eating toxins.

I also love her new Australian blue cypress face oil as it rolls my passions into one.


I am super passionate about living like our ancestors which now means living futuristically.

Reusing everything so as not to accumulate more waste in our beautiful environment.

I love sharing my joy of movement and showing others how to heal and cleanse the body by drawing upon the abundant universal energy.

I love watching my children grow into leaders of the future and my husband's passion for music and truth talk.