• Eve White

A Day in the LIfe of Ere Perez

I'm so excited to share with you my first video podcast series A Day in the Life of.....

First up Ere Perez creator of Ere Perez natural cosmetics and skincare for clean conscious living. Very inspired by this mother of three who has such a zest for life, so connected to her children and family whilst running a cosmetic empire.

Dancing on stage with bright lights is the only time I wear makeup. I never really thought much about the makeup I used and all the toxins placed on the skin. As our skin is the biggest organ whatever we place on it our body literally drinks it in.

After discovering Ere Perez I have never looked back. I have many favourites but simply could not live without her carrot colour pots Hello being my fav, I have also falling in love with her Papaya SOS Marmalade the shine on the cheeks and lips is the only makeup I need some days.

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