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July Already!

Wow what a whirlwind of a year its been! Now that we are half way through and we have been perhaps challenged on many levels, we can perhaps start to relax into the year, right?

Maybe.... Im sure we will have a few more suprises coming our way, so instead of sitting back and waiting I'm taking the reins and powering on with more intention than ever.

First up for me is a nice cleanse of my physical body, with the focus on eating the foods that don't cause mucus.

Why, you ask?

Well at the beginning of the year before the whole C viruis started I had sinius. It is the worst thing ever, I'm sure some of you may have suffered before. That mucus tends to build up in your head or your chest, and it can be so annoying, lucky for me not painful.

I've been doing a little research and here are the 7 most mucus defying foods.

  1. Oragano oil (super intense but great mixed into a juice I actually crave the taste now!)

  2. Parsely (this is the bad boy of all herbs)

  3. Watercress (the bad girl of all salads and so cheap!)

  4. Lime (just a little more powerful than lemon)

  5. Bordock Root (you can have it in hot water as tea)

  6. Peaches (unfortunately not in season now)

  7. Sour sap (up north and in tropical climates)

Try and add at least one of these a day! I have been having a fesh juice for breakky everyday and am feeling so good for it with very little mucus.

My Morning Juice

2 oranges

1 grapefruit

1 lime/ lemon or both

then I blend it up with a beetroot powder parsely and oragano oil

It's delicious and fills up my belly.

I have finally killed my coffee habit/addiction instead I make.....

Spicy Dandelion Mocha

Chai spiced dandy

2 tablespoons of coconut cream

2 teaspoons Coconut sugar

2 Tablespoons Cacao

One teaspoon

reishi,colldial silver/oxygen/magnesium

A pinch of,cayenne pepper,nutmeg,cinnamon,salt

Blend it all and be sure to sprinkle cacao and coconut sugar on top YUMMMY!!

If I'm still hungry I'll have a couple of dates.

Next up I choose a fruit that I most desire and have it whole depanding on size or a couple if small.

My favourites;

Paw paw


Dragon friut



Fruit helps you hydrate and detoxify your cells, I honestly have stopped myself from eating fruit for a long time because of all the sugar. How wrong we were!!It is so good for you but best to be eaten first as its the easiest to digest.

So fruit by day and then a load of veggies which will become early beacause you will get so hungry! Whats your favourite vegan recipe?

Join me this month for a mucus free month of July!

I'm going to share a challenge on my instagarm page @eve.e.white so join me!

This months events

Monday 6/7/20- 7PM Yarning circle with Bibi Babara

Saturday 11/7/20 2PM Cultural Awareness walk

Saturday 25/7/20 10:30AM Womens Business

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