• Eve White

Sharing Cutural Insight with Gunawirra

Gunawirra The mission of Gunawirra is working together with communities to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island mothers and children. We do this by delivering innovative, transformational and culturally appropriate programs fully evaluated by research. 

We empower young Aboriginal and Torres Strait mothers to break the cycle of suffering. Our programs focus on healing intergenerational trauma and promoting maternal nurturing through the influence of cultural knowledge and art.

Eve has been with us at Gunawirra since March 2020

Connecting with the mothers at mothers group

During the lockdown Eve met the mothers on Zoom to continue support, each week Eve offers her different expertise.

Cultural Awareness- Eve is currently co-creating a Reciprocity Action Plan (RAP) in alliance with Yoga Australia. Eves main role is to create a cultural awareness program to be mandatory for all yoga teacher trainers.

Eve has been exploring cultures with the Mums, encouraging an Acknowledgement to Country to be done on meeting. Exploring he dreaming through connection to country of place, with the dreaming animals.

Painting- For 4 years Eve worked with Wandana Events and Education teaching and performing Art in schools all over NSW. Art is a big part of Aboriginal culture and a beautiful way to connect and express this connection to the dreaming. Creating a story translating our story and dreams through art is a powerful way to share.

Dancing- Eve is a professional dancer in many cultural genres, of course sharing Aboriginal dance is something close to Eve’s heart. The kids are always very excited to learn to dance, so too are the Mums.

Yoga- Eve is a qualified yoga teacher; she is working in alignment with Yoga Australia to create RAP- Reciprocity Action Plan for the yogis of Australia. Eve is a director of Ngunwulah Aboriginal plan and is co-creating a cultural awareness program to be hopefully mandatory for yoga teacher trainers. Connecting to country is a big part of Eves practise and is teachings mother’s yoga and mindfulness,

Dadirri- Deep Contemplation/Deep listening- A word gifted to us by Miriam Rosa from The Daly River. This is something that can be a powerful tool to use at any time in your day, likened to meditation.

Integrated Health- Eve is studying with Dr Stephen Cabral a board certified Naturopath, encompassing, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Functional medicine, Ortho molecular, Bio regulatory and exercise science. Ultimately to become a health coach for Aboriginal woman is a purpose and future focus for Eve.

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